Static Electricity and Your Business

static electricity

Don’t Let Static Shock Your Business

Were you that kid that took a balloon, rubbed it on your wool clothing or sheet, and held it above your head to make it stand? Chances are, like many kids, you enjoyed playing with a little static electricity! Some of the more unruly kids thought it was funny to feel a slight shock. While that amount of static electricity is virtually harmless for kids’ games, there are serious consequences to static electricity, especially when magnified.

Unsafe Static Electricity Shock

If you experience static electricity where there is gasoline or flammable materials in the air, you must be careful. Because the sparks from the static shock can ignite a gas, which might result in a highly dangerous explosion.

We work alongside all kinds of people at our jobs. Some of us have different impulses and health conditions. Therefore, you must also know that static shocks can become potentially dangerous for people who use pacemakers. Even though these shocks and pacemaker incidents are rare, maintaining the highest level of safety protocols is good business. And best of all, high safety measures keep your employees safe.

Electronics and Static Electricity 

While it is unlikely that people become seriously hurt because of static shocks, it is possible that your technological equipment will be. Items like computers and other office tools necessary to power your business can become easily damaged by static discharges. Therefore, think of electrostatic discharge as a small amount of lightning that can disrupt and break the micro level of your company’s circuit boards.

Here are some preventative measures you can take against electrostatic discharge at work:

  • Electricians working on your electronic equipment should always use an ESD wrist strap, which helps to lessen charge away from the circuitry.
  • Avoid keeping plastic and polystyrene near electronics. Also, these materials stir static discharge.
  • Only purchase and use non-static forming sprays on your office’s electronics.
  • Treat your carpets to prevent static buildup.

Next Phase Electric, Bakersfield’s Premiere Electric Company

Next Phase Electric wants you to take precautions to mitigate future damage to your electronics and office tools. Now you know that static charges can destroy costly electronic equipment, as well as random power surges and electrical storms; therefore, take action and call our team of experts, and we’ll answer your questions.

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