Safety: Our #1 Priority

We model our safety culture after the safety processes in oil refineries – some of the highest standards of any industry. We have safety programs and keep our employees up-to-date on safety training and processes.

Commercial Electrical Safety Audits

Next Phase Electric uses a three-phase audit system to ensure each job is as safe as possible. We employ a dashboard process that allows for input by employees/electricians, supervisors, and safety/QC. Then, we monitor the audits for trends to help us continually improve.

Phase 1 Audits

Also called Quick Card audits, we review the following to ensure accuracy and working order:

  • Safety paperwork
  • Tools and equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Job site
  • Quality Control
  • Billing (estimates vs. actual, proper equipment)

Phase 2 Audits

Phase 2 audits are those in the field. We review conditions such as:

  • Safe equipment usage
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) in use
  • Field Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) met
  • Job Safety Analysis is accurate

Phase 3 Audits

Also called In-Depth audits, Phase 3 works off of the information gained from Phase 1 or Phase 2. If something doesn’t look right, then we dig deeper to find the source and confirm or revise the information. For example, if the paperwork isn’t correct, we’ll fix the immediate problem and then look at other related issues to see if the problem is isolated or system-wide.

Alternately, a Phase 3 audit may be a scheduled audit by a customer.

You can count on Next Phase Electric for safe practices. One of our owners/team members is a certified safety professional.