How to Run Power Outside With Extension Cords

Old power strip

Need to light up the night sky or power your backyard oasis during the day? The pros at Next Phase Electric have you covered. Let’s review some basic tips on how to run power outside with extension cords.

Extension Cords

If you need power outside to trim your bushes, lighting, etc.,  some extension cords work up to 48 hours. However, make sure you only purchase and use extension cords designed for outdoor usage. Furthermore, outdoor cords were designed to withstand temperature changes, sunrays, and foot traffic. Here are some quick tips:

  • Do NOT use indoor cords outside
  • Do NOT leave your outdoor extension outside more than two days
  • Neglected extensions left outside can spark fires and shock.
  • Always follow good outdoor electrical safety

Outdoor Extension Cord Safety: The Basics 

  • Select the right cord for the job you plan on completing.
  • Extension cords are NOT one-size-fits-all.
  • Choose a cord rated to withstand the wattage of your connected devices. The larger the cords’ wire, the more current it can take on.
  • Plug outdoor cords into a GFCI outlet, or test/reset buttons. These buttons are usually found in your kitchen, bathroom, or garage. Furthermore, these devices protect you from shock if your cord becomes exposed to water.
  • Unplug your cord and store it inside when not in-use.
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