Save money with a Home Solar System from Next Phase Electric!

Now is the right time to purchase a residential solar system for your house, professionally installed by Next Phase Electric. We design and install residential solar systems based on your needs in the Bakersfield, CA area, Kern County area, and Southern California in general. We are fully licensed and insured.


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Why buy a home solar system?

  • A home solar system will save you money by reducing the power you need to buy from the electric company. Grid-supplied electricity costs are rising at an increasing rate every year.
  • There are SUBSTANTIAL federal and state tax credits/rebates/incentives for purchasing a home solar system.
  • A residential solar system adds value to your home.
  • The more electricity you use from the electric company, the higher your rates are (tiered rate system). A residential solar system reduces power drawn from the grid, keeping you in the lower rate tiers, saving you money! (Think about those hot summer months with the A/C running extra hard)
  • Home solar systems are environmentally-friendly and lower your carbon footprint as they harness the energy from the sun, reducing the electrical power needed from traditional power plants.

The Next Phase Solar Difference

Our customers are our number one priority. We are not here to make a quick buck off of you. We want to make sure that all your needs are met, that you are comfortable throughout the entire process, and that you are happy with your new residential solar system. Therefore, we feel that what we have to offer stands above what anyone else currently has to offer. We are all about customer care and satisfaction, and we make sure that we keep our standards high and our prices low! We want to make sure our customers are fully educated on the products and services that Next Phase Solar provides. Our process doesn’t just stop at the sale of your system, we continue to support you throughout the process, making your experience positive and easy. We take pride in being the best choice for residential solar systems in Bakersfield.

Our Prices Beat Anyone

We will break down and show you ACTUAL vs. ADVERTISED home solar system costs and we let customers decide what is best for them and their family with a NO PRESSURE sales environment. Furthermore, we will show you the benefits of owning your OWN home solar system vs. leasing someone else’s system.

Flexible Payment Options

We have many different finance options available to fit your needs and budget. You can of course buy your new solar system outright, but if you want the flexibility to pay over time, or even just simply pay for power, there are many different finance options and arrangements through different lenders available:

  • Cash – buy the solar system outright, no financing
  • Loan – ZERO down payment regardless of credit, and pay a fixed amount each month
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) – you pay us for power used just like a normal electric bill, and we take care of the rest

Schedule a consultation today to get more information and all terms and conditions.

Our Residential Solar Process

Solar Consultation

A solar consultant will contact you to discuss your needs and show you different ways to save money. We customize your system to fit all the needs of your home and your lifestyle! With our cost breakdown analysis, you can see ALL solar financial benefits!

Design and Installation

We send one of our highly-qualified and motivated installation crews to your home to bring your system to life! The crew will install your quality product in a timely manner with the utmost professionalism. We always keep you informed along the way.

Solar Education

After your system has been installed, we will send out one of our specialists to help you finish the process. Our team will always answer any and all questions that you might have, making your solar transition a seamless one. Next Phase welcomes you into the solar world!


Quality Assurance Promise

Next Phase Solar will check back in after your first month of use and make sure your needs have been met and your experience was satisfactory! Once we leave your house, Next Phase Solar promises to never leave you in the DARK, pun intended. We are here for you should you ever encounter any problems.

Referral Program

Refer friends or family and make $1000 per successful referral! Call/contact us for more details.

Solar Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do Solar Panels Work For My Home?

Solar panels absorb the sun’s natural light with photovoltaic cells, which generate DC or direct current energy. Then DC energy converts to AC energy or alternating current energy through the inverter that’s built into your solar system. As AC energy runs through your home’s electrical panel, it becomes distributed and you enjoy the benefits.

How Will It Affect My Property Value/ Selling My House With Solar?

Did you know that there are federal and state solar incentives and rebates? Yes! The federal government provides a 30% credit for installation and many states have more financial incentives to go solar too. According to EnergySage, if you purchase a solar system, you can save an estimated $35,000 over the next 20 years!

Does Solar Work At Night Or In A Blackout?

Solar panels work best when they are exposed to sunlight. However, throughout the day, energy accumulates enough for your appliances to keep working throughout the night and during a blackout.

Can I Go 100% Off-Grid?

Some solar systems include a battery that uses and stores the excess energy generated by the PV system, which makes “going off the grid” more possible than ever. As solar batteries and panels increasingly become cheaper and more accessible to various homeowners, more people want to use solar energy and rely less on the traditional electrical grid.

What Is A True UP?

One time per year, around the time your solar system was connected to the grid, PG&E provides you with a True Up Statement; this statement reports the number of credits you earned by sending power to your grid as well as the charges you incurred by using the power that PG&E made for the year. If you produced more charges than credits, you must pay PG&E for the cost of power you purchased from them. However, if you produced more power than you used throughout the year, you do not owe PG&E a single bill more than the minimal amounts you’ve already paid each month in order to be connected to the grid.

What Kind Of Maintenance Do My Panels Need And What Is The Cost?

Most solar panels last 25-30 years and require little regular maintenance. Solar maintenance costs can vary depending on the solar provider. Call us today and we’ll walk you through our solar panel installation process and answer all your questions.

What Kinds Of Energy Assessments Can We Perform?

  • Make sure your AC is in good condition and not over consuming power (up to 25% avg) also, ensure it’s up-to-date and leak-free, routinely changed and serviced filters.
  • Check ductwork to see if it’s sealed properly, no loose ducting.
  • Making sure AC is properly sized for the house.
  • Check the insulation in the attic for fullness.
  • Ensure windows are energy-efficient, dual pane or better.
  • Ensure there are energy-efficient bulbs/occupancy switches in bathrooms or garage.
  • Nest smart thermostat may be installed to help efficiency (10-15% avg) of AC over consumption
  • Advising homeowners to turn off or lower their AC when leaving the house.

How Can I Calculate My Solar Use?

Visit Wholesale Solar and use their Off-Grid Calculator or the solar system calculator by Go Green Solar.