Accountability at Work for Customers

Electricians that work for Next Phase Electric are employees, not contractors. We bring accountability to every project. Safety and quality go hand-in-hand. And part of our commitment is a Quality Control (QC) Process:

Evaluate each job before beginning work.

Each project has a safety overview, list of tools and equipment, estimated time for completion, and project checklist:

Complete work.

Each electrician matches a checklist with work performed to ensure that all requests are complete.

Be proactive.

Electricians go beyond the obvious work to look for ways to suggest adding value for safety or efficiency.

Beyond Customer Expectations.

Supervisors review project paperwork onsite or offsite to confirm project outcome.

Our audit process before, during, and after a project keeps us always striving to see what’s working and what needs improving. We believe in going beyond a customer’s satisfaction because we know the difference in adequate vs. excellent work. Such differences may not be apparent to those not trained as electricians.