How to Check an Office’s Electrical Safety Before Renting

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Business owners and managers should always check the fire safety of an office space before renting that space. You and your staff will spend a lot of your time in that space. Therefore, your office must be kept safe.
When you know how to catch warning signs of fire risks or other risks, you can prevent disasters from happening at work. Electrical or fire risks slow down your whole day, maybe even your whole week. Here are our tips on how to check your office space before you commit to buying or renting it.

1. Powerpoint Safety

The most common and most neglected electrical safety measures committed comes from wall sockets. Wrongly grounded or poorly-fitted sockets cause electrocution. Sometimes, you can even risk frying your expensive equipment. Sparks and frying can start an office fire. We do not want any of this to happen to you.

Your commercial landlord needs to inform you of any issues with your office’s wall sockets. For all other examinations, calling one of Next Phases’ professional electricians is the way to go.

2. Space Safety

Did you know that too much electrical equipment next to other products can create extra heat, which sometimes causes safety hazards? Simple hazards include loose cords, machine cramps, overheating systems, and electrical fires are potential risks. Always make sure your workspace has ample walk space and storage room for all your office equipment.

3. Minimize Dust

Dust not only can create a choking hazard, but it can become explosive if it builds up in a small area without proper ventilation. Cleaning your office regularly not only keep things “looking pretty,” it prevents electrical issue too!

4. Check Fire Alarms

If you suspect that your office is at risk for any of the items mentioned above, check your fire alarm. Also, if your fire alarm lights are not working, odds are the rest of the electrical work for fire safety is in trouble too. Lastly, if you cannot even find a fire alarm, you’re in big trouble. All commercial properties must have working fire alarms and those alarms must be regularly tested.

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You found your dream property, now all you need is a professional electrician to ensure it’s working smoothly. Talk with a Next Phase Electric electrician to remove your doubts, and make sure your business stays working safely.

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