Next Phase Electric is a proud manufacturer/supplier of off-grid solar systems in the Bakersfield, CA and Kern County areas. Anything is possible. An off-grid solar system may be you if you:

  • Planning on going off-grid?
  • Want to try out a solar system before getting one installed?
  • Have unreliable electrical power resulting in frequent outages and/or brownouts?
  • Need temporary site power where no electrical power is available?
  • Have remote equipment needing power?

We design and build standalone solar systems that can replace costly generators and optionally tie-in to the grid to act as a backup power source.

A solar system mounted on a trailer.

A 3.6 kW solar system mounted on a trailer complete with grid-tie able inverter and battery backup.

A solar-powered water injection controller

A solar-powered water injection controller for secondary recovery complete with solar panel, battery, and solar controller.


  • Rent or lease a solar system to see the benefits without touching your roof or spending money on a full system
  • Don’t need a solar system year-round? Rent for a few months each year
  • Off-grid electrical source for remote home or equipment
  • Temporary site power – excellent alternative to a gas or diesel generator as it requires no refueling!


  • Power: anything is possible – a few watts up to 10’s of kilowatts
  • Voltage: DC or AC; 6/12/24/48/custom VDC, 120/240 VAC (single or three-phase)
  • Energy storage: with or without batteries; flooded lead acid, gel, sealed, AGM, lithium ion, nickel cadmium, etc.
  • Grid tie-in: optional; inverter required