What makes Next Phase Electric different than other electrical contractors?

Our experience in the industry has taught us that many electrical companies only take care of the bare minimum requirements for a project – and the client never knows the difference. In fact, companies don’t hold their electricians accountable for time or work. We think that’s wrong. So we started Next Phase Electric to be the superior resource for electrical work with a focus on customer satisfaction.

What type of safety programs do you have?

We meet all requirements for OSHA programs. In addition, we have a three-phase safety audit program to constantly monitor our work for safe practices:

Phase 1 – Review for accuracy and working order.

Phase 2 – Review in the field.

Phase 3 – Scheduled audit or in-depth audit to further explore Phase 1 or Phase 2 findings

What does Quality Control process mean to customers?

Next Phase Electric’s Quality Control process ensures that the electrical work is done correctly. We check and double check the work based on job specifications. We are committed to excellence on all jobs – large and small.