California Farmers and Electric Pumps

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Electric Well Pumps and Agriculture

Did you know that water pumping makes up about 60% to 70% of the agricultural energy usage in the Golden State? Furthermore, California’s agricultural energy usage grows more during droughts. Therefore, the costs of managing an agricultural business are growing because of increasing electricity prices and droughts. More droughts cause farmers to use deeper, more expensive wells.

Nevertheless, many farmers benefit economically and environmentally from using electric pumps. 

Approximately a third of water use from California farms occurs during pricey peak hours. Groundwater can be pumped and used during off-peak time and stored. However, farmers cannot do the same when it comes to booster pumps. Booster pumps use almost two-thirds of the same energy from well pumps. Let’s discuss the benefits of electric well pumps. 

The Benefits of Electric Pumps

Farmers do not have to deal with internal combustion in the pumping process for electric pumps. Therefore, electric pumps do not need as much maintenance as fossil fuel pumps. Also, electric well pumps have flip-the-switch convenience, and they do not produce pollution. Furthermore, they offer a quieter operation and tend to lower greenhouse gas emissions as time passes.

Electric pumps are far more flexible when it comes to environmental prioritization. Farmers who use electric pumps can switch to green energy sources like solar power. Other green energy sources that electric pumps can use is power from methane, which comes from animal manure or crop leftovers. Diesel engines, however, are completely different. They are main sources of pollution in the San Joaquin Valley.

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