Taking Electrical Services to the Next Phase

Next Phase Electric goes above and beyond a typical standard for electrical work. We have the experience in the market to see that many electrical companies do just enough to get the job done and pass inspection.  Such an attitude and approach may lead to problems down the road. Our approach is to think through all of the issues on a project and take proactive steps to ensure accuracy and safety for our clients and our employees.

We hire the best electricians in the field, and all of the people who work for us are employees, not contractors. We commit to professional development and have a high level of accountability.

Customer-Focused Commercial Electrical Service

We listen to customers and want you to know that your input matters at every phase of the job. We’re a team of professionals who won’t accept anything less than excellence from ourselves for every customer encounter and project. We pride ourselves on evaluating each situation to see how we can save customers money while maintaining the highest quality standards. Our experience with business reviews, estimating, unit rates and key performance indicators gives us the insight to make money-saving recommendations without sacrificing quality or safety. Our vision is to be the best electrical service company in the industry.

Leadership Team

Our team came together to accomplish a goal that fills a need in the market. That goal is to provide the service that we know clients want when they call for electrical work. We bring over 25 years’ of combined experience to form a company that puts customer interests first, knowing that our customer’s success, becomes our success.